AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a zero-administration compute platform for back-end web developers that runs your code for you in the AWSnbsp;cloudnbsp;and provides you with a fine-grained pricing structure. AWS Lambda runs your back-end code on its own AWS compute fleet of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances across multiple Availability Zones in a region, which provides the high availability, security, performance, and scalability of the AWS infrastructure.

Key Links

API Paths

Add Permission (GET) /?Action=AddPermission OpenAPI
Create Alias (GET) /?Action=CreateAlias OpenAPI
Create Event Source Mapping (GET) /?Action=CreateEventSourceMapping OpenAPI
Create Function (GET) /?Action=CreateFunction OpenAPI
Delete Alias (GET) /?Action=DeleteAlias OpenAPI
Delete Event Source Mapping (GET) /?Action=DeleteEventSourceMapping OpenAPI
Delete Function (GET) /?Action=DeleteFunction OpenAPI
Get Account Settings (GET) /?Action=GetAccountSettings OpenAPI
Get Alias (GET) /?Action=GetAlias OpenAPI
Get Event Source Mapping (GET) /?Action=GetEventSourceMapping OpenAPI
Get Function (GET) /?Action=GetFunction OpenAPI
Get Function Configuration (GET) /?Action=GetFunctionConfiguration OpenAPI
Get Policy (GET) /?Action=GetPolicy OpenAPI
Invoke (GET) /?Action=Invoke OpenAPI
Invoke Async (GET) /?Action=InvokeAsync OpenAPI
List Aliases (GET) /?Action=ListAliases OpenAPI
List Event Source Mappings (GET) /?Action=ListEventSourceMappings OpenAPI
List Functions (GET) /?Action=ListFunctions OpenAPI
List Versions By Function (GET) /?Action=ListVersionsByFunction OpenAPI
Publish Version (GET) /?Action=PublishVersion OpenAPI
Remove Permission (GET) /?Action=RemovePermission OpenAPI
Update Alias (GET) /?Action=UpdateAlias OpenAPI
Update Event Source Mapping (GET) /?Action=UpdateEventSourceMapping OpenAPI
Update Function Code (GET) /?Action=UpdateFunctionCode OpenAPI
Update Function Configuration (GET) /?Action=UpdateFunctionConfiguration OpenAPI